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Canvas Cavalry Bedrolls & Sleeping Bags

The Cavalry Bedroll is a military style bedroll that is easy to use because a foam pad is inserted into an envelope sewn into the bottom of the bedroll. This defines a central area where you sleep using covers or a sleeping bag for warmth. It is made from 12.63 oz. Sunforger Army Duck I make two styles: Standard or Zippered.

The Standard Cavalry Bedroll has two canvas flaps that fold in opposite directions. D-rings and grommets are lined to the edge of each flap. The flaps are laced with nylon cord, which allows you to draw the flaps snugly over your body with one pull of the cord. The doubled flaps and a four-foot head-flap allow you to sleep through a storm without getting wet. The sleeping size is 34" wide X 7' long with 9" sides and a 4' head-flap, which allows you to place a nice comfy pillow inside to cradle your sleepy head.

The Zippered Cavalry Bedroll is just like the STANDARD except there are zippers down each side. This makes it much easier to get in and out from either side or by unzipping both sides and rolling the top flap down. The Zippered version is a favorite with river boating crowd due to the large size and easy entry. Other groups that often order this bedroll are fire fighters, federal and state agencies like the border patrol and forestry departments. Heck, there was even an episode of Survivor Costa Rica that used them. They were a big hit and added great comfort to the contestants.

A Custom size, Zippered Cavalry Bedroll is cut and sewn to be wider. A typical size is 42", but 50" would be nice. Beyond that you should just buy the 60" double. The foam pad used here is 34" wide, but you will find that it works nicely even though it doesn't fill out the pad envelop.

The Double Cavalry Bedroll is also a custom width zippered style bedroll, but it has a full 60" wide foam pad in it. The width is made to accommodate the Teton Sports Mammoth Double sleeping bag.

The Cowboy Bed tarp is a 15oz. Sunforger army duck, glued and sewn to be 7' wide by 18' long. I have sewn brass snap hooks, D-rings, and cotton ties so that it folds around a 42" X 7' sleeping area. It has glued and sewn seams because my 15 oz. sunforger "army duck" is only available in 36" width. I have ties inside the tarp so you can tie in the pad and keep it from moving, also below the pad ties is another set of ties so you can tie the bottom of your bedding, this will keep it from coming out when you drag your tired ass out in the morning or the middle of the night. I believe the extra time and cost in using this material is worth it. The sunforger finish makes it water resistant and reduces the shrinkage factor. The tight weave army duck makes more wind proof and warmer. My Cowboy bed tarp is folded to the inside by length first and then folded bottom to top leaving 4' extra above your head. "I think it is the most brilliant way to fold a bed tarp" I could be the only canvas shop specifically sewing them to fold like this. Yes, I raised the price substantially on this piece but I also added greatly to its value.

The Complete Cowboy Bed Tarp has a 3" X 72" X 34" covered pad tied inside the bed tarp with two 80” Latigo leather straps to secure the roll and a handle to carry it easily. This bedroll is just right for Chuck Wagon camping and any historical rendezvous'.

For our resale Sleeping Bag, I have chosen the Celsius XL zero degree bag made by Teton Sports. This hybrid bag has the roomy foot comfort of a square bottom bag with the warm round top of a mummy bag. The bag is 39" wide. At the top there are drawstrings that can cinch around your shoulders and face so that when the wind really gets blowing you will stay draft free inside. The pack weight is 7.5 lbs. The inner is a soft taffeta fabric but the outside is light weight nylon, this makes it roll up tight. This makes it a perfect companion to my tough Cavalry Bedrolls.

The Double Sleeping Bag, is also made by Teton Sports. It is made to be a double. Zip together bags are too big for my double bedroll. You will love this sleeping bag; it's perfect for one or two people.

Bedroll Style Bedroll Canvas Only Approx. Weight (lb) Bedroll And Foam Pad ( include leather straps for
cowboy bedroll only )
Approx. Weight (lb) Add a Sleeping Bag Approx. Weight (lb)
Standard Cavalry Bedroll $226 10 $288 15 $367 23
Zippered Cavalry Bedroll $193 7 $255 12 $334 20
Custom Cavalry Bedroll (42” wide) $300 22 $362 27 $441 43
Double Cavalry Bedroll (60" wide) $312 25 $412 30 $572 46
Cowboy Bed Roll / Tarp $250 20 $365 25 $445 33
Complete Cowboy Bed Roll With Leather Straps     $463 24 $543 30
Zero Degree Celsius XL Single Sleeping Bag $79 7.5
Zero Degree Mammoth Double Sleeping Bag $158 16.5
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