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Deck Tents

Deck Tents are specially designed wall tents, which are to be mounted on a hard surface deck and attach to it. Our Deck Tents come standard with three windows and a built-in screen door. The screen door is designed with a threshold and the canvas door has three zippers, which allows it to be rolled up completely for maximum ventilation. The bottom edge of the tent includes web buckles and bungee loops to attach it to the edge of your decking. The optional floors use Velcro to seal them to the Sod Cloth at the front and back of the tent and keeps intruders outside, where they belong. Once the frame is set up on your deck, using the cable system, the canvas is then carefully draped over the frame and fastened to the decks.

Deck Tents are available with or without an internal Frame or external Fly for UV protection and woven tent floor. Prices for tent and frame are listed below. The frame includes a unique cable system that tensions the frame and keeps it on the deck even in severe winds. Since this tent attaches to the deck with the included buckles and bungee straps, the guy ropes are not required but we include them so you can add them for an extra measure of safety.

A canvas tent fly is a good idea if you plan to keep the tent up year round. The tent fly for this tent is sold separately and is priced using our 10.38 oz. flame retardant Sunforger canvas. Please see the pricing grid for the two basic packages. Additional options are available (floor, other materials and such) and will be priced according to your request.

Deck Tent Sizes Deck Tent Alone Approx. Weight (lb) Deck Tent with Frame Approx. Weight (lb)
10' X 12' $1,346 57 $2,069 179
12' X 14' $1,478 80 $2,245 212
14' X 17' $1,943 89 $2,912 263
16' X 20' $2,263 108 $3,293 297

Floor Material, Fly, Rear Door, Window, Stove Jack and Angle Fitting Options:

Tent Floor Sizes 15 oz. Starfire Floor Approx. Weight (lb) Multi-Colored Woven Floor Approx. Weight (lb) 10.38 Sunforger Tent Fly weight
10’ x 12’ $307 32 $180 68 $545 18
12’ x 14’ $442 40 $234 88 $703 24
14’ x 17’ $583 60 $341 129 $935 31
16’ x 20’ $699 84 $429 161 $1,152 40

Rear Door With Screen $380 Screened Window $54
Angle Fittings 1 ½” (each) $19 Stove Jack $98