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Range Tents

Range Tents are my most common style pyramid tent, this means that you will get the most value for the range tent. They come in three standard sizes. These sturdy tents are designed to be your temporary home on the range and to take all that Mother Nature can throw at them in this demanding environment. My Range Tents have been tested by some of the best cowboys in the Southwest.

I am proud to say the late Jeff Lang of the Bell Ranch called my Range Tent design ‘the best one out there’. The Living Desert Zoo and Botanical Gardens in Palm Desert, California, uses them all summer long for visitors and staff. I have many boating customers. Apparently, if you own a wooden boat, you will need a canvas tent, it truly adds to the natural ambiance.

One of our big supporters through the years has been Gregg Hatten, you can learn a bit about him here.

Range Tents have sewn-in vinyl floors to keep your feet, bedroll and belongings dry. They have zippered canvas doors with an optional screen door and/or window for breathability and air circulation. A nylon loop is secured to the outside peak of the tent to secure it to the A-Frame “S” hook on the apex of the optional A-frame pole set. Inside there is an adjustable web strap with a Snap hook to hang a lantern.

There are 1 1/2" D-rings to pull the three walls out and the tent comes in its own storage bag. The A-frame pole set comes separately bagged to help keep the canvas safe in storage or so you can easily leave it at home when tree support is expected.

Notice the “parawing” shape where the walls meet the floor in the photographs. This special curved design creates structure, which makes the tent sides firm to really stand up to the wind and eliminate flapping. The waterproof floor rolls up to meet the canvas sidewalls and it keeps the canvas from touching the ground. You may think that the 10 oz. acrylic-coated woven polyester floor is truly too nice of a fabric to use as a floor, but you will get over it when you see how it performs. It is for good reason I haven't modified this basic tent design in over 20 years.


Our most popular configuration is the 7.5 oz. RANGE TENT PACKAGE, which includes a screen window, screen door, A-frame pole set, awning with its support pole, bags, all ropes and stakes (5). These packages are all constructed using our exclusive lightweight 7.5oz. Sunforger army-duck canvas. This unique weight of canvas is only available from our shop and winter tent maker, SNOWTREKKER, as we jointly imported the fabric. This canvas has proven itself in very harsh artic elements and I feel confident in its performance in any climate. It has incredible handling characteristics and it is 28% lighter than typical 10.38 oz. canvas. It is just as water proof, mildew resistant, and fire retardant. It is easier to roll up in the cold. The tent will dry quicker because it will absorb less water. Yes the 10 oz. and 12 oz. canvas is stronger. The end use I believe My Range Tents can be made in heavier fabrics or with different options but are then sold “a la carte”, and not as packages, see below.

7.5 OZ. range tent package pricing (comes with window,screen,a-frame) without awning weight with awning weight
8 X 8 $749 40lbs $857 29
10 X 10 $886 35lbs $1,027 39
12 X 12 $1,032 43 $1,199 49

Here is other package pricing on range tents in 10.38 oz. canvas. Depending on the wear you camp, there are special needs. I have tried to design all my pyramid tents (including range tents) to fit needs in diverse conditions. The weight of fabric and options added to your pyramid tent has a lot to do with its end use. Please consider the Spike Tent depending on where and how you are going to use this canvas tent .And by all means “call me” 877 259-2059 to discuss this, I want to be your spike tent idea man.

7.5 OZ. range tent package(windows, screens, NO POLES)

without awning weight with awning weight
8 X 8 $630 18 $738 3
10 X 10 $754 25 $895 4
12 X 12 $890 38 $1,057 6

10.38 0Z. range tent package(window, screen, a-frame) without awning weight with awning weight
8 X 8 $770 34 $878 37
10 X 10 $901 44 $1,042 48
12 X 12 $1,087 60 $1,254 65

10.38 0Z. range tent package(window, screen) NO POLE SET without awning weight with awning weight
8 X 8 $651 18 $759 21
10 X 10 $770 25 $911 22
12 X 12 $906 38 $1,073 24


There are four basic Canvas types from which the tents can be constructed. These tents can be constructed with as many or as few options as your budget allows. If there are configurations we have not shown, please call for price quotes and availability. The following price grid explains the tent only (nothing else is included). Following this grid are prices for the options: screened window, a screened door, a stove jack (opening), the A-Frame Pole Set, Zippered Awning and Cook Fly.

Range Tent Sizes 7.5 oz. Sunforger Flame Retardant 7.5 oz Approx. Pack/Ship Weight 10.38 oz. Sunforger Flame Retardant 10.38 oz. Approx. Pack/Ship weight
8 X 8 $527 12 lb $548 18 lb
10 X 10 $651 17 lb $667 25 lb
12 X 12 $787 26 lb $802 38 lb


Screen Window, Screen Door, Stove Jack, A-Frame Pole Set, Range Tent Cook Fly and Awning

Standard Screen Windows are 20” high by 24" wide, waterproof and operate from inside the tent. The standard placement is on the rear wall at head height. A Larger 20” high by 36” wide Window is available for lower installation below the rear wall D-ring level.

Screen Doors are full-size and have plenty of ties to keep them out of the way, when not in use.

Stove Jacks are normally installed in the center-rear panel of the tents just above the wall D-ring level.

The A-frame pole set, when have pieces, which break down to 30" long. The apex pieces have an S-hook bolted at the top and the pole set fits into its own bag. The “S” hook is available with a grommet prepared Nylon strap for the do-it-yourself A-Frame builder to make your own 12’ pole set.

The Awning is my favorite option besides a window, screen door, and poles. With our zippered sewn in Awning the door can be open in a rainstorm. Since it has a zipper down the peak it can be separated and rolled away to each side of the door independently.

If you roll away only one side of the awning, then half of an awning can shade the screened entry. A sewn on awning adds 3 to 5 lbs to a range tent, the awning will include the support pole, single stake and guy rope.

The Range Tent Cook Fly covers the area in front of the tent in the same width as the tent and triangles back to the center of your Range Tent. This will protect the door from rain and give you some nice lounging and cooking space.

Range Tent Sizes and Options Range Tent A-Frame Poles Weight Sewn on Awning Range Tent Cook Fly Weight
8 X 8 $119 20 lb $108 $331 13 lb
10 X 10 $131 25 lb $141 $442 19 lb
12 X 12 $142 30 lb $167 $575 22 lb
Standard Screen Window $43 Stove Jack $76
Larger low Screen Window $58 Zippered vent $38
Screen Door One-Size $60 S- hook $6
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Hold the bus, I also now make what I’m calling a spike tent.