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Spike Tents

We're talking about a range tent with a 2’ wall. But its more than that. I put a vertical door on the awning. The pitch of the spike tent is lower than the range tent so the roof line is more compliant for a vertical stove pipe. The para-wing design has been incorporated into the spike tent also. Because the corners of this spike are lower than the mid wall. The tent stays more tensioned. There is a single “non optional” pole that supports the tent inside. Another outside pole supports the door. The ground staking is minimal. The real strength of the tent comes from the 8 guy lines. Not a great tent around horses but Never the less with those lines really hold down the tent. If you include staking the tents 8 ground loops, you will need 16 spikes. Thus the name. “spike tent”. My spike tent comes in 3 sizes, and offered with or without a floor. They can be customized to have taller dormers or even double dormers. Screen doors, windows, stove jack, vent window, and poles are extra. If you are wanting to heat with a wood stove, this could be a good tent design for you. If you chose to have no floor there will be a 14” sod cloth that is reversible, to make a snow cloth. My Spike Tent design is inspired by the camping needs of north arctic housing.

7.5 oz sunforger spike tent pricing without floor weight with sewn in floor weight with separate floor weight
8 X 8 $438 14 $450 16 $560 20
10 X 10 $618 21 $685 24 $749 28
12 X 12 $786 28 $833 33 $991 40